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Research Overview


Computing is at the heart of the digital information revolution that is reshaping our world. Computer Engineering is the science and technology behind the design and implementation of the hardware and software systems, big and small, that are powering this revolution. These systems include the computers that we interact with directly in our laptops, desktops and smart phones, those in data centers making up the cloud, and the numerous invisible microcontrollers in each car and plane, to Internet of Things that integrates computing in every aspect of our life.

At the UCR Computer Engineer program, our research explores how to build faster, more energy efficient, smaller, more secure and more reliable computing systems, from transistors and circuits, to computer architecture and networked systems covering both the hardware as well as the software aspects of these systems.

We invite you to explore our research areas below. 

One Program, Two Research Pathways

Research Centers

  • Center for Research and Education in Cyber Security and Privacy (CRESP): We seek to be a premier center for cybersecurity, designing novel approaches to building secure systems and enabling them to detect and tolerate attacks. We also seek to prepare talented engineers and researchers with the technical and problem solving skills in this area of national need. Our research areas span the full range of computer security and privacy.
  • Center for Geospatial Sciences: The Center for Geospatial Sciences is a source of innovation in geographical information science, open source tools development for the implementation of advanced methods in spatial analysis, and the application and dissemination of training in advanced geospatial analysis and data science.
  • Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems: CRIS conducts cutting-edge research on the foundations and applications of intelligent and autonomous systems, including robotics, computer vision, machine learning, real-time systems, and biomedical systems, among others.
  • Data Science Center: The Data Science Center supports interdisciplinary collaboration at UCR between research groups that generate data and research groups that analyze data. Research groups in the biology, economics, engineering, physics, and political science departments run experiments that generate gigabytes, terabytes, or exabytes of data. Analyzing these large scale datasets requires specialized knowledge, and researchers in the computer science and statistics departments work together with researchers in these applied fields to analyze their data. We use large scale machine learning, data mining, and database techniques.